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Kyvol Cybovac L20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Smarter is faster: Accurate LDS laser navigation creates detailed maps of your home and precisely identifies your rooms, offering a complete cleaning  experience.

Capture everything:L20 uses 3000Pa power of suction to  capture steel balls, dust deeply in the carpet, and everything in between. The  cleaning performance is better than 90% of others.

Easy Control from Anywhere: Feel free to set cleaning schedule, designated areas and no-go zones in the app while you can also view the exact route in real time on your smartphone.

Command your robot with your voice: With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you control L20 with nothing but your voice.

Clean On and On and On / 150 mins non-stop cleaning: L20 is now giving you more than enough time(Up to 150 minutes in Low Power mode)to thoroughly clean your entire house.

Large capacity for holding more: Get to enjoy a deep clean for around XXX ㎡ house from just one single run with a 600ml dustbin.

Drop-Sensing Technology: The 9 built-in sensors make L20 more intelligent in sensing its surroundings. The anti-collision and anti-drop functions help to protect L20 at any time.

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Ultra Cleaning with 3000Pa Super Suction

Advanced Clean Scheduling

Precise Laser Mapping

Easy Control from Anywhere