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Kyvol Cybovac L20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Smart Cleaning & Real-time Mapping:The advanced LDS laser navigation system allows L20S to choose the most effective cleaning path and to create a smart real-time home mapping. 

Deeper Cleaning with Powerful 3500Pa Suction: L20S is an updated version of the L20 with powerful 3500Pa suction that is nearly 20% enhanced over the L20, which allows the L20S to easily pick up pet hair, dust, and finer dirt from the floor or carpet.

Longer Cleaning with 200 mins Runtime: L20S can work for as long as 200 mins thanks to its 5200mAh lithium-ion battery. A Large dustbin (600ml) means less emptying so you can tackle a large home without pause.

Easy & Convenient App Control: Control every element of L20S through the Kyvol app, including setting cleaning schedules, creating areas and No-Go Zones, and much more. It works well automatically and on demand through the app.

User-friendly Voice Control:Start cleaning your rooms by voice with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Great for when you don't have your phone and for elderly users.

Drop-Sensing Technology: The 9 built-in sensors make L20S more intelligent in sensing its surroundings. The anti-collision and anti-drop functions help to protect L20S at any time.

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Ultra Cleaning with 3500Pa Super Suction

Advanced Clean Scheduling

Precise Laser Mapping

Easy Control from Anywhere