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Epichef AF60 Air Fryer

6QT Large Capacity with Viewing Window

Convenient Viewing Window; Large Capacity of 6QT for a Whole Chicken; Ceramic-coated Basket; 360° Rapid-Heat Circulation; 60+ Recipes Included


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Epichef AF600 Air Fryer

6QT Large Capacity With Wifi Smart Control

WIFI Smart Control; 100+ Official Pre-Programmed Recipes; 12 Preset Cooking Programs on Panel; 6-Quart Large Capacity; See-Through Viewing Window


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Epichef AF200 Air Fryer

4.5QT Compact Size With 12-in-1 Presetting

One-Touch LED Display, Full-Screen Manual Control, 360° Air Circulation Heating System, Oil-Less Diet, Healthy Cooking Choice

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What Is an Air Fryer?


The sales of air fryers have been soaring in recent years as they have become more and more popular. In contrast to deep-frying, air fryers cook food by air convection, which is surprisingly convenient. They allow you to make a wide variety of foods with a crispy texture. The working theory of air fryers is similar to that of large convection ovens, but the heat convection efficiency of air fryers is much better than convection ovens due to their smaller sizes. Most air fryers can be placed directly on the countertop. You can easily move them to your desired location. Moreover, air fryers are much easier to operate vs convection ovens.


Air fryers can get a crispy and crunchy result only using hot air. The steaks and chicken wings cooked by them are pretty flavorful without adding any oil, which is far healthier than traditional frying.


Almost all air fryers in the market have preset programs for popular cooking methods, which makes cooking far easier. The common capacities of air fryers are 2QT, 4QT, 6QT, or 8QT, among which the mainstream is 4QT and 6QT. Generally, a large air fryer has a large capacity and a mini air fryer has a small capacity.


Many air fryers in the market can connect to a Wi-Fi network now. Consumers can control the air fryers through the well-designed app after the Wi-Fi connection. As a result, viewing online recipes, setting cooking programs, etc., are all easy to be achieved by the app.


When it comes to the air fryer price, some models are cheap air fryers and some are with high cost. Please select the right one according to your cooking needs, such as capacity, preset programs, with or without smart control, etc.


What Makes Kyvol Epichef Air Fryers the Best Air Fryers?


1. Outstanding safety


As a type of kitchen cookware, air fryers should comply with all the related electrical and food safety standards to guarantee that the food cooked by them is healthy. Kyvol Epichef air fryers have passed the most authoritative electrical safety tests, including UL in North America, CE in European Union, SAA/RCM in Australia, PSE in Japan, and UKCA in the United Kingdom. At the same time, they’ve passed major food safety tests, such as FDA in the U.S., LFGB in Germany, DGCCRF+ BPA in France, etc. Rest assured to cook with Kyvol Epichef air fryers!


2. Innovative and patented transparent window


Most consumers are curious about the condition of the food when the air fryers are cooking. To meet this demand, the Kyvol Epichef team designed an innovative transparent window that can give you a clear view of the food from raw to cooked. Every minute of food changes can be seen, especially when you use the air fryers to bake cakes, cookies, etc. This design genuinely adds fun to the entire cooking process and improves your cooking experience. No need to pull out the basket to check the progress. Cooking is more convenient than ever!


3. 360° all-around cooking


The air in the traditional oven cannot reach every corner inside, so you may have to flip the food at intervals. The uneven heating can also affect the taste of the food. For these reasons, Kyvol Epichef air fryers have adopted a new air flue design for perfect hot air circulation. This design, combined with the large capacity fryer basket, enables food to be cooked in a truly 360° manner. The hot air can quickly reach each molecule of food, enhancing the aroma.


4. Efficient Heating. Enhanced Taste


The evenness of heating can affect the taste of food, but heating speed is more essential when it comes to the crispness of food. That’s why Kyvol Epichef chose the rapid heating technology with carbon fiber tubes. Compared with other brands’ air fryers that use metal heating tubes and light-wave tubes, carbon fiber tubes substantially enhance the heating efficiency. At the same time, the large centrifugal fan in the air fryer makes a perfect combination of heat radiation and heat convection. Cooking time can be shortened by more than 30%, greatly improving the cooking efficiency and food taste.


5. Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe


Cleaning air fryers is annoying but necessary. The fryer baskets of Kyvol Epichef air fryers are specially designed to support dishwasher cleaning, freeing your hand and allowing you to relax after each meal! Moreover, instead of the Teflon coating adopted by other brands of air fryers, the Kyvol Epichef team used a new ceramic coating for the baskets and crisper plates. This coating is non-sticky, easy to clean, durable, and less prone to scratching. Just be assured when you use them!


6. A huge variety of recipes for inspiration


The air fryer recipes are always the topic that everyone cares about when you are using the air fryer to cook. Kyvol Epichef team has cooperated with industry professionals and developed 100+ online recipes so far. From simple French fries to more complex dishes such as Chicken Enchiladas, Hasselback Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Honey-glazed Salmon with Asparagus, Shrimp Tostadas..., you will always find surprises in Kyvol Recipes. You can follow our recipes to cook, or you can share your creations in our Facebook community via the Kyvol Air Fryer Group to exchange great ideas with community members, show your creativity and explore more possibilities. The recipe with a sparkling idea will also be collected in our online recipes collection and air fryer cookbook to be shared with all Kyvol Epichef friends!


7. Smart App Control


Most of the Kyvol Epichef air fryers are smart models with App control. If you have a smart Kyvol Epichef air fryer, the Kyvol App will turn your phone into a remote control in seconds after the Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to control your air fryer more easily. The Kyvol App is also waiting for you to explore more advanced features such as scheduled cooking, cooking countdown, etc.


Furthermore, the smart models have a very handy feature: My Recipe. After browsing online recipes in the Kyvol App, you can set your favorite one as a quick recipe. Next, power on the air fryer and press the "My Recipe" button on the air fryer to cook it directly.


Kyvol Epichef team has so far received rave air fryer reviews for the special design, ultimate safety, flavorful results brought by the Epichef air fryers. They are super easy to operate and user-friendly, especially for air fryer beginners. You can become an air fryer pro within a short time with the preset programs and comprehensive features.


With the help of the top-rated air fryers made by Kyvol Epichef, you can spend less time making great dishes!