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Meet Cybovac E-series Family

Cybovac E31

Sweeping & Mopping Robot

2200Pa super-strong suction power, 150 min long-lasting battery life, high-efficient cleaning based on gyroptic™ navigation, water tank for mopping away tough stains


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Cybovac E30

Advanced Cleaner Based on Gyroptic™ Navigation

2200Pa super-strong suction power & 150 min long-lasting battery life, accurate gyroptic™ navigation for thorough cleaning performance


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Cybovac E20

Perfect Entry-level Vacuum Cleaner

Long battery life of 150 mins, 2000Pa strong suction power, great choice for large area cleaning


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Cybovac E25S

2600Pa Super Suction

Clever Route Planning; 150 Mins Long Runtime; Climb and Clean; App/Voice Control.


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Cybovac E25

Row-by-row cleaning

Dual brushes cleaning; Always at your command; Long Battery Life; Voice Control; Carpet Boost Technology .


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Meet Cybovac D-series Family

Cybovac D6

The best cleaning and mopping helper

3000Pa Suction Power & 150 mins Battery Life,Cybovac D6 comes with 2-in-1Moppingand Vacuuming,300ml dust bin+300ml water tank, which is specially designed for mopping away tough stains.


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Cybovac D3

Perfect entry level vacuum cleaner

1800Pa Suction Power & 120 mins Battery Life,Cybovac D3 has 3 suction power levels ,which enables to detect carpet floors and start max suction level cleaning automatically.


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Meet Cybovac L-series Family

Cybovac L20

Perfect entry level vacuum cleaner

Smarter is faster, Capture everything , Easy Control from Anywhere, Command your robot with your voice


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Cybovac L20S

Perfect entry level vacuum cleaner(Upgraded version)

Smarter & Deeper Cleaning with Powerful 3500Pa Suction, Longer Cleaning with 200 mins Runtime, Easy App Control and Voice Control


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Meet Cybovac S-series Family

Cybovac S31

The Smart Laser Robot Vacuum With Self-Emptying Dustbin

3000Pa Super Suction Power & 4300ml Large Capacity Dust Bag, Extra-long Service Time, Automatic Dust Emptying, Smart Home Mapping.


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Meet Cybovac V-series Family

Flutevac V20

25000Pa Ultra Strong Suction Vacuum Cleaner

25000 Super Strong Suction & 40 mins deep cleaning, Suitable For Any Cleaning Needs, Efficient 4-stage Filtration System, Lightweight and Compact


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Flutevac V10

15000Pa Ultra Strong Suction Vacuum Cleaner

15kPa Super Strong Suction, 200W Powerful Motor,2500mAh Detachable battery, Efficient 2-stage Filtration System, Lightweight and Compact.,1.2L Large Dust Collector Capacity, Empty Dust with One Click


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Kyvol Cybovac E-series Vacuum Cleaners
for a Cleaner and Healthier Home

Cybovac E-series vacuum cleaners are here to solve your cleaning problems in a high-efficient way. Cybovac takes care of both large and small particles including allergens like pets hair, dirts etc. Not a corner in your house will be missed.

Kyvol Cybovac E-series Vacuum Cleaner for a cleaner and healthier home

Cybovac E-series vacuum cleaners are here to solve your cleaning problems in a high-efficient way. Cybovac takes care of both large and small particles including allergens like pets hair, dirts etc. Not a corner in your house will be missed.

Kyvol App
Always at Your Service

Wherever you are, Cybovac cleans according to your commands through Kyvol APP. One-key start, auto-recharge, different cleaning modes...Versatile functions just at your hand!

Kyvol App
Always at Your Service

Wherever you are, Cybovac cleans according to your commands through Kyvol APP. One-key start, auto-recharge, different cleaning modes...Versatile functions just at your hand!

Meet Our Customers


This vacuum arrived very nicely and securely packaged. It vacuums in an orderly way and the mopping funtion is also a great adding point.

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Super easy to use and its high cleaning efficiency really impressed me! With Cybovac E30, we no longer need to take care of the messy floors after a long hard working day. More time to spend with my kids and husband.

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My mother likes it very much. Thanks to Cybovac, my 50-year-old mom can enjoy more leisure time. And the robot has a long battery life, perfect for those who live in a large house.

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Why Do You Need A Robot Vacuum Cleaner?


The robot vacuum cleaner becomes a household necessity. Robot vacuums and handheld stick vacuums are two common cleaning appliances in the modern household, and many people even have both at home. These cleaning appliances are being upgraded rapidly and are getting increasingly intelligent, almost becoming an indispensable presence in the home. Robot vacuums, in particular, are now moving towards an increasingly hands-free operation for cleaning and recharging.


The robot vacuum cleaner is a companion rather than just a machine. Imagine coming home from work or cleaning up at weekends, all you need to do is sit on the sofa and use a remote control or your mobile phone to let your robot vacuum keep your home clean and fresh. No longer just a machine, the robot vacuum becomes your home helper, making it certainly one of the must-haves to improve quality of life and happiness.


What Makes Kyvol Cybovac Robot Vacuum Cleaners Your First Choice?


Structure makes functions. Kyvol Cybovac robot vacuums have compact bodies with cool colors and clean lines. The buttons on Cybovac are simple while carrying a variety of functions. Thanks to the thin bodies, Cybovac robot vacuums can clean many hard-to-reach places with ease. A single automatic recharge provides a super long battery life, enough to clean an average-sized house at different suction levels. Also, Kyvol Cybovac robot vacuums can all be controlled via the buttons on the bodies, the remote control, Kyvol app, and Alexa & Google Assistant voice assistants, for a comprehensive choice.


Unmatched features of Kyvol Cybovac. Gyroscopic navigation, intelligent map building, super strong suction power, different cleaning modes, anti-collision, anti-drop, integrated 2-in-1 vacuum&mop, smart voice control, app control...The features of the Kyvol Cybovac robot vacuum cleaners are too numerous to count, and you can choose the Cybovac that’s just right for your home. These benefits together definitely make the Kyvol Cybovac series a highly promising competitor in the market and undoubtedly one of the best robot vacuum cleaners available today.


How Do Kyvol Cybovac Robot Vacuum Cleaners Make Your Home Sparkle?


Clean as you wish. Cybovac robot vacuum cleaners can work on hardwood floors and carpets with multiple levels of suction power, which can be adjusted between different floors to clean up all types of dirt, debris, and dust. Cybovac series has three basic cleaning modes: auto, spot, and edge cleaning. You can choose to have your Cybovac clean the entire space, focus on a certain area, or clean along the edges as you like. Cybovac E31 and D6 also feature an astonishing combination of vacuuming and mopping to further brighten up your floors. More advanced features are in development with the launches of new models, stay tuned!


Clean in one go. When the power of Cybovac is low, it will automatically return to the charging base to charge. Some models even can remember the position before returning. After being fully charged, it will return to the position before charging and continue cleaning. The whole work is done in one go, and you don’t need to bend over to get your shiny home back.


How to Get the Most out of Kyvol Cybovac Robot Vacuum Cleaners?


Download the Kyvol app now. The remote control can of course be used to handle most of the basic operations: start and pause, switch among cleaning modes, control direction, recharge, etc. But to experience more advanced and comprehensive functions, you have to install and explore the Kyvol app! (Note: some models do not come with remote control.)


Make full use of the rich features of the Kyvol app. Covering basic operations, the Kyvol app further offers you a platform to check the remaining power, cleaning time, and cleaning area of your Cybovac, manage the water output in mopping mode, and much more. By moving your fingertips, easily switch among cleaning modes, get your Cybovac back to the charging base or set cleaning schedules for keeping Cybovac organized and on track to completely clean every corner of your home.


What Are People Saying about Kyvol Cybovac Vacuum Cleaners?


Kyvol Cybovac team has always been interested in what users say about Cybovac robot vacuums.


According to robot vacuum reviews, Cybovac is indeed one of the top-rated robot vacuum cleaners available. We always receive comments such as "it's the best robot vacuum I've ever used", "it's a versatile and cheap robot vacuum that meets all my needs”, and so on.


The majority of people who keep pets say that Cybovac is an amazing robot vacuum for pet hair. It can clean up pet hair on the floor quickly and effectively, so they don't have to worry about cleaning it up afterward manually when playing with their pets.


The families who love carpeted floors say it is the best robot vacuum for carpet. Parents don't have to worry about children dropping biscuit crumbs in the carpet as the Cybovac will help pick up all the crumbs.


More users are pleasantly surprised by Cybovac's advanced sensing technology. This technology can prevent collisions and falls, ensuring that no accidents would occur. Together with the fact that the Cybovac can easily climb up objects of certain heights, the cleaning process is perfectly smooth.


With all these positive comments from customers, the Kyvol Cybovac team will be more motivated to invest in product optimization and launch more Cybovacs to meet more needs and scenarios in the future!